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About Us

Treatly is the newest member of the PetWise family of award-winning, industry-leading brands.

Our home is in Mundelein, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, where our industry-leading team of experts and developers are bringing Treatly to life. Our intention is to do more than just launch another brand of treats and chews, rather we’re relentlessly focused on making products that bridge the connection between pet food and pet health. Today’s pet parents expect brands to play an integral role in fostering pet wellness, choosing nutrition over snacks, and understanding the importance of using time-tested, natural ingredients in every product.

The result is our new selection of treats and chews, which addresses the health needs of your pet, but not at the expense of quality, flavor and taste.

A PetWise™ Brand

Treatly is a proud member of the PetWise family of award-winning brands.

PetWise, Inc. is committed to creating the most innovative, accessible, affordable, and environmentally-responsible product solutions for pets and pet parents everywhere. PetWise brands—goDog®, Petlinks®, SHERPA®, Hear Doggy!®, SmartyKat®, TrustyPup®, Guaranteed On-Board®, PoochPlanet®, Pawscout™, FurHaven®, Pet Factory®, and more—all stand for the highest in quality, safety and satisfaction, all while incorporating environmentally-responsible materials and processes.

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